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Each piece looks and feels real, and is created with man-made Signity Star stones, which are stones that never dull even when exposed to showers, pools, or spa water. The Signity Star is high-grade, cut to ideal standards for maximum reflection, and can be brighter and more sparkly than even the best grade of diamonds. The jewelry also includes other properties such as silver and rhodium.

Vakanza wants to make your high end costume jewelry experience a long lasting one!

Please bear in mind while wearing our jewelry products, they are to be worn delicately. The metal we use is soft, stones may become loose and/or fall out and the metal may bend. In order to avoid this, the jewelry should be worn with care.

-We advise our customers to wear our jewelry for special occasions and not as everyday wear since the metal is soft.

Put jewelry on after applying makeup, perfume, and hair products. Keep out of contact with bleaches and detergents wherever possible and please, keep your jewelry safely out of reach of children and animals.

Always remove jewelry when engaging in activities that risk impact or exposure to chemicals or heat such as sports or housework

A good way to store your jewelry is in a ziplock bag that will decrease oxidation and make your jewelry last longer.

Avoid swimming or bathing while wearing gold or silver plated costume jewelry, and remove rings when washing your hands.

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